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How will you and your family master your understanding of Real Estate, Business & Credit strategy? Every single household should be teaching, understanding and discussing these principles. This All New First-Of-It's-Kind Hard Back Interactive Video Textbook is full of fundamentals as well as intermediate and high level strategies on home buying, investing, credit, business entrepreneurship and more!

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12 Step Real Estate & Business Crash Course

Want to become a Real Estate Power Player? I want to share the knowledge that made me so successful in my New Interactive Video Textbook. Not only are there tests and quizzes, there are QR codes throughout, that allow you to tap into the information digitally!

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The Ultimate Real Estate Program

Gain access to over 500 hours of content broken down for easy, relatable learning. Go from novice to professional as slowly or as quickly as you would like with 24/7 On-Demand access to every course we have to offer.Discover the secret formula to establishing, maintaining, and scaling your enterprise to maximize revenue!

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Get a glimpse of the power that coaching can give you when you learn real estate from someone who operates at the highest level! Recieve intimate 1-on-1 coaching and sought after mentorship relationship today!

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Find the missing piece to your "Wealth & Legacy" puzzle. Everything from Credit and credit repair knowledge to business and branding to investing with no money out of pocket. Choose only what you need to get you to that next level. Start TODAY! and Get 24/7 On-Demand Access to the program, course of your choice. 

Real Estate Mastery

Now $997

*Included in RBC Program

  Real Estate Philosophy
  Real Estate Ownership Strategies
  Real Estate & Credit
  Real Estate Financing 101
  Building Your Real Estate Team
  Homeownership 101
  Start Your Investment Company
  Branding Your Business
  Lead Generation
  Real Estate Wholesaling
  Buying & Flipping
  Buying & Holding
  Deal Evaluation
  Deal Negotiations
  Deal Financing
  Managing Properties
  Commercial Real Estate Strategies
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Business Mastery

Now $997

*Included in RBC Program

  Business Philosophy
  Entrepreneurship 101
  Identify Your Business Model
  Market Research
  Business Planning
  Business Infrastructure
  Business Analysis
  Partnership Strategies
  Business Formation
  Funding Your Business
  Branding Your Business
  Marketing 101
  Sales Strategies
  Product Development
  Customer Service
  Business Analytics
  Business Automation
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Credit Mastery

Now $997

*Included in RBC Program

  Credit Philosophy
  Credit Score
  Credit Score Myths
  Building Your Credit
  Intrest Rates
  Debt To Income Ratio
  Credit Types
  Credit Card Management
  Student Loans
  Auto Financing
  Leveraging Credit
  Business Credit
  Credit Delinquencies
  Collection Agencies
  Credit Monitoring
  Credit Terminology
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