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Empowering The Economically Ambitious

It is the mission of the JAY MORRISON ACADEMY to provide affordable, high quality wealth education to the masses with a special interest in minority and low income students who have typically not been afforded this invaluable information due to reasonable access and cost.

JMA serves as an information hub for wealth builders striving for economic opportunities and personal freedom. In just two short years, JMA has raised the bar as a comprehensive school for education and has enrolled nearly five thousand students and awarded over one thousand scholarships in collaboration with rapper Young Jeezy with a donation of $1 million in support of “Another Way Out” campaign.

JMA provides a deeper dimension of frameworks structured to helping you understand and achieve economic opportunities to align with wealth creation on a personal and collective level. Through succinct, incremental strides, JMA focuses on building familiarity consistent with your set objectives and desire to further your financial IQ.

Meet The Founder & Lead Instructor Jay Morrison

Jay Morrison, also known as “Mr. Real Estate” is a real estate investor, realtor, TV personality, entrepreneur, two time bestselling author, social activist and CEO and founder of the Jay Morrison Brand and the Jay Morrison Academy, a real estate investing school with a physical campus in Atlanta that offers online course and mentorship.

A high school dropout, at risk youth and three time felon, Jay made a major life transformation for the better over a decade ago and now uses his life experiences and personal story of triumph to empower and impact the lives of thousands of his Academy students, troubled youth, ex-offenders and real estate professionals. Jay made it his mission since the beginning of his journey to teach the value of wealth building, home ownership and financial literacy to those who were historically not provided this critical information.

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